Martin Plaehn

Martin Plaehn

Martin joined Control4 in 2011 bringing with him passion for product innovation, exceptional customer experience, and operating discipline to deliver industry-leading products, driving landscape-changing business and technology strategies, and improving operating excellence. Control4 became a publicly-traded company in August of 2013 (CTRL - NASDAQ).

Prior to joining Control4, Martin held both executive management and CEO positions.

Martin served two tenures at RealNetworks. Plaehn was SVP of Product & Service Development (2010-2011) and was responsible for delivering video, ring-back tones, messaging, and music to millions of mobile consumers through mobile operators in Europe, North America and Asia. From 1999 through 2004, Martin served as EVP of Technology Products and Services, and then led Realnetworks’ Casual Games Division in 2005.

Martin served as CEO at Bungee Labs from 2006 to late-2008, securing its follow-on venture financings. Bungee’s team and cloud-service technology established an early position in the then-emerging Cloud Computing and Platform-as-a-Service industry.

Martin also served as CEO of Viewpoint Digital from early-1996 to mid-1999, growing Viewpoint’s market share, revenue and quality reputation to become the leading creator and licensor of premium 3D digital content used in movies and television. Viewpoint was acquired in 1998 by Computer Associates and operated independently.

Prior to Viewpoint, Martin led product development for Alias|Wavefront, creating the foundation for Maya, today’s leading professional animation system. Martin joined Wavefront in 1990, became EVP of Business & Product Development, and joined its Board of Directors prior to Wavefront’s 1994 IPO and through its 1995 merger with Alias.

Martin started his career as computer graphics software developer. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of California, San Diego, studied Computer Science at San Diego State University, and graduated from UCSD's Executive Business Program for Scientists and Engineers.